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His Children Are Blessed After Him

Solomon wrote, “The just man walketh in his integrity; his children are blessed after him,” Proverbs 20:7.

Every father should be concerned about his legacy; What his children should think about him, both now and after his demise. This man conducts himself with integrity and uprightness. He is mindful that his impressionable, admiring children are always watching and following him. This just man knows that his children’s future and often their faith is dependent on the example he gives and the life he lives. This is the greatest legacy that a father can give his children.

A good man does more than just speak or preach integrity; his decisions and actions in life demonstrate it. Integrity is defined as “the quality of being honest, with strong moral principles”. A father with such personal attributes and character is reliable in his dealings and behavior, and his children are blessed because of it. By watching this just man, his children admire him, emulate him and love him. His honorable behavior helps his children develop an accurate and directive moral compass that will guide them through life.

Our decisions ultimately define us since life is about decisions and the consequences of those decisions. Because he walks in his integrity, the just man teaches his children to have self-respect and respect for others. He knows that his children will define his reputation and his reputation will bring honor or dishonor to his children. There is nothing that can negatively affect a child as much as a father who has brought shame and reproach upon his family. For many children it hurts for a lifetime. However, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Therefore, the man of integrity teaches by example. If he falls, he gets up again. If he errs, he accepts the consequences. If he sins, he repents and begs forgiveness. He never allows his children to see him defeated and without hope. No matter what he demonstrates, his faith regains his strength and recovers his integrity.

The just man ultimately blesses his children by creating an atmosphere of trust, hope and love. The just man is a gift to all who know him, especially his children. They can follow in his footsteps, walk the pathway he has traveled, and be blessed by the works he has done.

He walks in his integrity and his children are blessed after him.”


John DeBerry Jr. is a former Tennessee State Representative and the current Sr. Advisor the the Governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee. He has been preaching the gospel for more than 50 years and currently serves as the pulpit minister at Coleman Ave. church of Christ in Memphis, TN. He also serves as one of the elders at the local church. John has spoken on a multitude of lectureships and has conducted a wide array of gospel meetings. He has two daughters, two grandchildren and a host of nieces and nephews.

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